Cost Plus Pricing — as transparent as it gets.

At Swipe for a Cause, all our merchants are on Cost Plus Pricing.

Cost Plus is by far the best pricing model out there because it is the easiest to understand. It also makes it impossible for processors to hide fees.

The “Cost” is Interchange — the cost all merchants pay to VISA/MasterCard, Discover and AMEX in order to take their cards. There are almost 1000 different interchange rates. You can’t change these rates and they account for about 85% of your processing costs.

The “Plus” is what First Data and the acquiring bank charge to process your cards. This is where we come in. We can decrease how much you pay in processing fees. And with cost plus pricing, you will know what fees you are paying above cost.

Cost (interchange) + Processing Fees = Transparent Pricing

With cost plus pricing, you know what you are paying on top of the interchange. And, even though your statements will still look complicated, Cost Plus Pricing makes them much easier to understand. We’ll teach you easy ways to cut through all that mumbo jumbo on your statements and easily read them.

So why would we want you to know what you are paying when most processors don’t?

Because our fees are always fair and that is something we want you to see for yourself.

In fact, we guarantee we will tell you about any fees we charge so there are no surprises when your statement comes. If there are, we’ll take care of them.