We are Owners, Not Agents

When you work with Swipe for a Cause, you deal with the owners, not an agent who has sold you a bill of goods and moved on. We are the face of our business. If you have a question or concern, you will be dealing with one of us and you can be sure you will get an answer quickly.

And if you ever call with an issue, you won’t be told the person who sold you the processing no longer works for the business so you are out of luck. You will speak to one of the four owners. Unlike a commissioned agent, we have a big vested interest in keeping you happy.

This is a very differenct business model for our our industry that dictates you make a sale and move on.

At Swipe for a Cause, we make a sale and move in.

24/7 SUPPORT and All Four Owner's Cell Phone Numbers

If you have a question or concern the help desk can’t answer, however, you won’t have reached a dead end.First Data’s 24/7 Credit Card Terminal Help Desk is second to none. They are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and will work tirelessly with you until the problem is solved.

As a Swipe for a Cause merchant, you will have a list of all the owners’ If you prefer to call the 800 number, it will ring on all our cell phones, and if you leave a voice-mail, that voice message will be emailed to all of us as a MP3 file. It is our goal that if a merchant has a question or concern that they will never, ever have to wait long for a response.

Actual Stories of Service that Goes Above and Beyond

We had restaurant owner call us who didn’t even process with us yet. He was waiting out a two-year contract that had a very substantial cancellation fee.
His terminal went down during a busy lunch hour.

He called the phone company and they told him his lines were fine.
So he called his processor who told him all they could do for him was get him another terminal. He would have it in two days. It was his busy season and he was panicked.

He called us. Carol went over immediately with a terminal, but before installing took his old terminal to the business next door and asked if she could borrow a phone line for a minute. The terminal worked fine. It was, in fact, his phone line that was the problem. Carol called the phone company and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She insisted they come out.

They fixed his lines and service was up and running in two hours.

One Sunday afternoon one of our merchants’ stand-alone terminals wouldn’t dial out. They too called the phone company who told them their lines were fine. So they called us.

One of the owners, Michael, was there within an hour with a new terminal. But that one didn’t work either, telling us it was in fact a phone line problem. He called the phone company and waited until they got there, had fixed the line and the business was up and running. No football for Mike that afternoon.

A busy liquor store texted Margaret at 10:30 one Saturday night. It was the weekend before the 4th of July and their phone and internet service had gone down. They weren’t sure it was going to be up the next day. Could she do anything so they could still take cards? By 11:30 that night she had one of the 4G terminals we loan out to merchants for off site processing ready to drive over to them on Sunday morning before they opened.