Charities Other Than Hospice.

While our main passion is hospice and hospice is the reason we started Swipe for a Cause, we understand there are people who want to support other charities.

For instance, if a charity signs on to process with us, they would obviously want to give back to themselves. In this day and age, every charity needs help and every bit helps.

Or perhaps a business already has a special charity that they support or has special non-profit initiatives that need funding. They too can donate to these charities or initiatives if they process with us.

Also, if you are a charity who processes with Swipe for a Cause, your board members or donors can donate to you through their processing if they use Swipe for a Cause. They just have to tell us that they are switching to us in order to donate to you and we will redirect a portion of the fees we earn from their business to you.

It is an effortless way to give. Best of all, no donations will come from out-of-pocket. They all come from the fees you are already paying for processing on your account…and those fees will remain the same as you are paying right now or even go down.

If you are a 501©3 or a business who would like to give more to a charity or charitable initiative you now support, please contact us for more information.