Below are some of the questions merchants ask us during our first meeting.

What POS systems do you offer?

We offer stand-alone terminals, virtual terminals, mobile processing solutions i.e. smart phone swipers and tablet solutions, gift/loyalty cards, e-commerce solutions and more.

Do you offer analytics?

Yes, we offer some of the best analytic options out there.

What will change when I switch?

Very little. We can usually use your existing terminal and your software will remain the same.

What if I already use First Data?

We are an Independent Sales Office (ISO) of First Data. It is the ISO, not First Data, who sets your fees, so you will still save money switching. Also, many First Data ISO rely strictly on First Data’s call centers to provide their customer service. At Swipe for a Cause they are they last option we will ever recommend to you.

Can I write off my donation?

You already write off your credit card processing as a business expense. You can’t write it off twice.

How long does the switch take?

In many cases, as little as 3 days. Filling out the application literally takes about five minutes.

What if I am in a contract?

Sometimes there are early cancelation fees. If we can’t pay them for you, or you aren’t going to recoup those fees quickly in what we are saving you, we will just wait out the contract.