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WHY WE SWIPE FOR CHARITY "I'm sorry, there is nothing more we can do."

Andy Kinnecom heard those words said to his late wife when she was just 50 years old and his late wife’s sister when she was just 46. His father died in a residential hospice in Florida.

Margaret heard those words said to her uncle, who was one of her best friends and the magic in her life. Her mother also died under hospice care.

But it wasn’t until Margaret and Andy rekindled a friendship that had been dormant for over 30 years, that they teamed up to form Swipe for a Cause as a way to give back to a the hospice “angels” who had done so much for their loved ones. Two years after they started the company, the two former high school sweethearts married.

Swipe for a Cause is always open to teaming up with other charities, but hospice will always be the company’s main cause.

Sick woman lying in hospital bed touching her child hand
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When we started out, we swiped solely for hospice. As we have grown, it made sense that our donations grow as well. We have decided to add some incredible causes to our list. Today our donations go to the below charities.

The money that we give to Hope Hospice makes it possible for everyone who needs it to get inpatient care at the renown Philip Hulitar Center in Providence.