"I'm Sorry There is Nothing More We Can Do."

Andy Kinnecom heard those words said to his late wife when she was just 50 years old and his late wife’s sister when she was just 46. His father died in residential hospice in Florida.

Michael heard those words said to both his parents.

Carol and Margaret heard those words said to their uncle, who was one of their best friends and the magic in their lives. In fact, it was when taking care of their uncle in 2006, that Carol and Margaret first discovered there was no residential hospice in RI.

But it wasn’t until they rekindled a friendship with Andy, four years later, that they would finally be able to do something about it. He brought to the table the business expertise they lacked. He immediately got to work writing a business plan that would get their dream off the ground.

Carol’s husband, Mike Medeiros, later joined the group, also bringing years of entrepreneurial experience to the table.

Today, we now support many other charities as well as hospice, but hospice will always be our main passion.

How It Works

The plan is unique.

Instead of going around to businesses year after year asking for donations, we just ask to handle their credit card processing.

We lower their rates and then donate a portion of the fees we earn on their processing to charity.

Besides being a feel good decision, it is also a really good business decision. We give them free terminals, free marketing and promotions, free point-of-sale materials, free pci monitoring and an annual analytical audit of their payment processing efficiency.

They also never need to call a 1-800-Call Center. Our merchants can call the four owner’s cell phones – and get the answer to any question they might have.

It is our firm belief that credit card processing is our business, not the merchants. We don’t expect merchants to invest any time into switching their account over or maintaining it. We do it all for them.