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PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

We Monitor Your PCI Compliance For You.

About 80% of the merchants we review are paying between $20-$30 a month ($240-$360 a year) because they are didn’t fill out their 10 minute PCI questionnaire. Perhaps it got spammed.  Pethaps it got put in the to-do pile and never got to-done.

At Swipe for a Cause, we do everything we can to make sure our merchants never have to pay this fine.  Obviously most other companies don’t do this or 80% of the merchants we see wouldn’t be non-compliant.

So why do we take such efforts to make sure our mechants do pay extra?  Because we think it is postively scandalous for a business to pay an annual PCI compliance fee and then have to pay hundreds of dollars extra because of an uncompleted questionnaire.  So we let our merchants know if they haven’t filled theirs out.  We will also help merchants their first time filling them out if they need us to.

PCI Rapid Comply

We work with PCI Rapid Comply.  They are First Data’s PCI company of choice, so you can be assured they are the most secure.

Why Do You Need To Be PCI Compliant?

We know PCI Compliance is a pain in the neck.  And in all truthfulness, it does nothing to protect you against breech liability.
What it does do, however, is make sure that you and your employees know the ever changing rules and regulations of handling and storing data.  PCI Compliance came into being to protect consumers and to make sure that businesses are making it as hard as possible for hackers to steal card information.

If you take cards on the internet, the scans you are required to run are important.  They identify any issues with your firewalls and security systems that may allow a hacker a way in to your system.

Hackers have cost the payment industry and businesses millions and millions of dollars.  Rest assured that as the largest processor in the county, First Data is constantly coming up with ways to make it harder for them to breech businesses.