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You no longer have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get a POS system with all the power and functionality of Micros/Aloha/Positouch. We have found a POS system that costs a fraction of what they cost and includes pay-at-table options. Our restaurant owners who have switched to it from the big three have found it to be just as powerful and easier to use, despite it costing so much less.

If you do use Micros, Aloha, and Positouch, we offer compatible EMV pay-at-table solutions so you can start winning chargebacks. In fact, we can talk to you about how you can get all your pay-at-table stations free of charge.

Preparing the bill at a restaurant using a touch screen till


We know the mentality of come and go counter help can make finding a POS system that all can use without making a lot of costly errors challenging. We searched high and low and found a wonderful solution that is easy for all to use and minimizes mistakes.