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Doing the Right Thing With Your Processing Fees Has Instant Rewards

When you choose to process with Swipe for a Cause, a portion of every single credit/debit transaction you run automatically goes to hospice. So instead of all your processing fees simply helping people live the good life, you will be helping those who are terminally ill live there final days in peace.

And this is one time that doing the right thing doesn’t require sacrifice. In fact, it will actually make your life easier.

You Will Save Money

You don’t donate to hospice by paying more. We lower your fees and then we take 5% of what we make from those fees — gross, not net — and donate it to Hope Hospice Palliative Care and Hospice’s Philip Hulitar Center. We do all the work, but since we couldn’t do it without you, you get all the credit.

We will teach you how to read those complicated statements so you can see for yourself that you are paying less and make sure it stays that way.

You Will No Longer Have to Service Your Own Account.

Unlike most of the agents out there who make a sale and then disappear, our agents service the accounts they sell. If they can’t answer your question, they will call 1-800 call center and be on hold…not you.

And our agents will do everything they can to keep you happy. Without exception, every agent who works for Swipe for a Cause approached us because they wanted to work for a company that was giving back to hospice. Every single one of them has lost dear family members to cancer and knows first hand how incredibly important keeping hospice strong matters to the patients and families who need it.

We Are Experts On Your Terminals and POS Systems

You might not know it, but keeping up on the ever changing processing world isn’t your job. It’s your processors. You don’t know it because most companies don’t do it. They switch you and forget you. They only use new technology to bring on new merchants.

When new products come on the market, we always go over our merchant list and see who they might work for. Take the new Clover POS/business management suite that is taking the small business world by storm. We have offered demonstrations to everyone in our portfolio that we think would benefit from this powerful, yet very inexpensive POS system.

We will also do an annual review of your account to make sure the way you are taking cards is the still best for you.

Free Marketing Materials

We will give you free marketing materials telling current and potential customers that when they support your business they are also supporting hospice. This can really create loyalty with people who have had hospice experiences.

We will also promote your sales, special events, new offerings…on all our social media sites, because we know the more business you do, the more hospice benefits. You won’t find ANY other processor that will work like us to increase your sales.

In fact, you won’t find another processor anywher that is like Swipe for a Cause. Find out for yourself how we make doing the right thing easy.

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