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Why You Always Get What Our Agents Promise

If you are like most merchants, you have a steady stream of credit card processing sales agents parading into your businesses on a weekly basis, all promising to improve your processing. In an industry that is not always known for its integrity, how can you know if you can believe any of them?

Next time an agent approaches you, ask them one simple question: “If I am unhappy with your pricing or don’t get what you are promising me, will it be you I will be dealing with?”

Unless you are speaking to a Swipe for a Cause agent, 99% of of the time the answer will be no. As soon as you sign on the dotted line almost all agents move on to the next sale, never to be seen by you again. Their quotas are so high, they have no choice but to move on.

Unfortunately, this means they have little accountability for what they promise you. If they overpromise, they won’t have to see you again, but they will get credit for the sale. In fact, due to the high rate of agent turnover, he/she might not even still be with the company by the time you start processing. In any case, you will be left to deal with a someone who had nothing to do with the sale, most likely a call center, to try and put things right.  Good luck with that.

At Swipe for a Cause, our agents don’t disappear and they don’t overpromise. Ever.

For one, they are accountable for what they say to sell you, because all our agents service the all the accounts they sell. You will have their cell phone numbers and will be able to reach out to them anytime. You will also have a direct line to the CEO and owners.

Secondly, our agents don’t have to overpromise because they have a superior product to sell.

Most agents can only really offer you lower rates.  Our agents can offer you lower rates plus the fact that a portion of every card sale you make will automatically go to hospice.

With most agents, you will just have to take their word about how well your account will be serviced.  Our agents are authorized to give you a complete list of all the merchants we process for and encourage you to reach out to them to affirm how well we service them.

Unlike most agents, our agents are trained on all the latest POS systems and are able to offer you demonstrations in ways to cusomize one to fit your specific needs.

Our agents will give you free marketing that will tell customers that when they support your business they are supporting hospice.

They will offer you ways that we can promote your business through other marketing and all our social media sites.

The list goes on and on.

To find out more and meet one of our terrific agents, give us a call.  Make sure the first question you ask them is if they will be your contact if you don’t get what they promise.  The answer will be a resounding “yes” because that is the Swipe for a Cause way.

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