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How Brick and Mortars Are Fighting The On-Line Goliaths

How many times has it happened?  A customer of yours doesn’t have time to get to your store, so instead they go online looking for the same merchandise you sell. That hurts.

At Swipe for a Cause, we are here to help you compete, even when customers don’t have time to come to your store. Allow us to introduce you Clover®, a POS business management system that is turning the small businss world on its head and empowering to think bigger than ever before. A full Clover Station starts at just $1,000. No, we didn’t leave a “0” off that price. Even more, the Clover MiniMobile, and Flex are close to the price of your countertop terminal!

Clover offers everything from on-site/ off-site employee management tools, a variety of appointment and reservation booking apps to analytics and creative and incredibly smart, targeted marketing ideas….

It also offers small businesses an easy, quick ways to compete online — Clover Online Pro and Clover Online Plus.

Clover Online Pro

This is an incredibly simple-to-use application that allows any brick-and-mortor retailer to compete in an online world by allowing you, easily and affordably, to set up an online store showcasing your products. With very little effort you can give your customers the option of coming to you or shopping from home.

For just $29.95 a month, hosting included, you will get a complete, professional business website, custom URL and hosting are included. Also, a large selection of world-class website design templates along with access to 100,000+ professional stock images are included with your subscription.

Even for all you baby boomers who signed on late to the online world, you can design your own professional on-line presence, complete with full e-commerce capabilities, custom domain and social media integration. Clover Online websites are mobile-ready, so your site will look beautiful on any device.

Clover Online Plus

Or for small businesses that have an online presence, but don’t need to sell there. there is Clover Online Plus for $14.95 a month

Customers often check out a website before they go to a store. If they see an outdated website or can’t find one, you can kiss that business goodbye. Clover Online Plus includes the same world-class professional design templates offered by Clover Online Pro, hosting, custom domain and social media integration is all included. Like Clover Online Pro, you can launch Clover Online Plus, you don’t need many technical skills to get this up and running quickly.

And because this app is provided by Clover, if you ever do decide to add an e-commerce component and sell online your customers, orders and inventory will tie together with the information from your Clover POS!

If you don’t believe us about not needing technical skills, when you order your Clover through Swipe for a Cause, we will come in and install it and hold all through your set up. No charge. We promise you won’t be dealing with some faceless support team. No matter how many times you call us, we won’t roll our eyes and sigh like your kids do when you can’t figure out your new computer or phone.

You know you have so much more going for you than those Goliaths. You are local. You know you product. And you can offer much better customer service. Now all you need is to also offer an online shopping option.

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